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A.I. and ChatGPT New Zealand News Roundup

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A breakdown of the top A.I. and ChatGPT news affecting New Zealand this week.

AI News Anchor with Robot boss
AI Generated image of a news anchor with robot boss

Are you keeping up with the latest tech news in New Zealand? If not, you're missing out on some exciting developments in artificial intelligence (AI), business automation, and space technology.

Here's an A.I. breakdown, because even we were too lazy to research and write this.

ZephyrTech secures funding for AI development, boosting the agricultural industry

New Zealand-based start-up, ZephyrTech, has just secured funding from a group of local investors for the further development of their cutting-edge AI technology. The company specializes in developing AI solutions for the agricultural industry, which is a vital sector for the country's economy.

With this funding, ZephyrTech will be able to hire additional staff and expand their research and development efforts. This is a significant milestone for the young company and could potentially lead to the creation of new jobs in the technology sector.

This funding will help ZephyrTech to empower the agricultural industry with the use of AI technologies, making it more efficient and profitable.

Xero partners with Google to revolutionize business automation for small businesses

New Zealand-based accounting software company, Xero, has just announced a partnership with tech giant Google to integrate their services and improve automation for small businesses. By partnering with Google, Xero will allow small business owners to easily access and manage their financial data through Google's suite of productivity tools.

This will make it easier for small business owners to keep track of their finances and make data-driven decisions. This partnership is a major step forward for both companies as it will help them expand their reach and improve the service offerings for their customers.

RocketLab successfully launches satellites, improving internet access in rural areas

New Zealand-based space technology company, RocketLab, has just successfully launched a group of satellites for an Australian telecommunications company. The satellites will be used to improve internet access in rural and remote areas of Australia.

This is a major achievement for RocketLab, which has rapidly become a leader in the commercial space industry. The successful launch is a testament to the company's innovative technology and expertise in the field, and it will bring internet access to more people in remote areas, improving their quality of life.



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