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What are you fullas all about?

We want to make sure businesses are getting the right advice.

We want to promote the best people to give that advice.

We want good people in this space to connect & build great things on their own.

Our Why... The Heck?!

The A.I. Space is still in the research phase and things are still very uncertain. Jumping the gun runs the risk of hurting your business in the near future. The landscape is changing fast and there are many cowboys who will promise the moon.


We think it's a cool idea to have a place where people can demonstrate their work, and where potential clients can do their due diligence and connect independently.

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Who are these Monkeys?

We are nobody's really, but we know a bunch of high level professionals in the A.I. space. We aim to promote these people, these companies and just everyday great innovators in the field.

Again, we are not terribly awesome at all, but we know heaps of awesome people doing awesome things.

Well What do you know about anything then?

OK, we have a fair bit of expertise

We have grown from a group of professionals in respective fields, who have worked together on various projects and see the value in working as a network to learn and support each other.

We are Marketing Strategists, Sales Management, Website Design, SEO and Social, Graphics Design, Art and Communications/PR professionals, who have have excelled on a Global Scale.

Our team have individually worked with brands like Sharp Electronics, Sanmina SCI, Sky Sport, Spark Telecommunications, Disney, EA Sports, Luxury Escapes and Land Rover among others.

A.I. tech is moving so quick, that realistically no one can claim they are an expert in anything at the moment. We understand that and just want to make sure that the advice that Kiwi companies are getting... is accurate and future-proof. you know.

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