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Meta Connect 2023: The AI Highlights from this year

At Meta Connect 2023, the message was unmistakable: the future of technology is deeply interwoven with AI advancements. Here's the most remarkable takeaways from the event.

Mark Zuckerberg Servers AI Art
Scary Servers

Here's a Summary if you're lazy:

  • Meta Quest 3: A game-changing mixed reality headset that blends digital and physical realms.

  • Emu: An AI software to instantly create photorealistic images, starting with custom AI stickers.

  • Restyle and Backdrop: Two AI-powered applications that revolutionise photo editing.

  • AI Assistant: An advanced conversational tool coming to your favourite platforms.

  • Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: Next-gen eyewear packed with AI features and a fashionable look.

Meta Quest 3: Fusing Worlds Seamlessly

Capturing everyone's attention was the Meta Quest 3, a mixed reality headset of the future. This marvel not only brings virtual and real worlds together but adds a layer of AI to make the experience genuinely interactive. Imagine battling a dragon in your own living room, enabled by AI-driven Passthrough video.

Meta Emu: Your Creative Ally

Say hello to Emu—an AI software that generates premium quality images at the tap of a button. Initially launched as custom AI stickers for apps like Facebook and Instagram, Emu opens a realm of visually engaging, personalised interactions. It's not just technology; it's about enhancing connections.

Zuckerberg building a computer AI Art
Mark in his Mum's garage

Restyle and Backdrop: The Artists of AI

Meet Restyle and Backdrop, two AI utilities that push the boundaries of creative photography. Want to add a Van Gogh-esque swirl to your landscape photo or transport yourself to a New York rooftop? Now you can, thanks to these remarkable AI-powered features.

Your New Mate: The AI Assistant

What if you had a digital companion capable of conversing, providing real-time info, and creating visual prompts? This is Meta's AI Assistant. Available across a range of platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, this assistant is an everyday companion for the modern individual.

AI Metaverse AI Artwork
AI Metaverse

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Announced: They're ok.

Last but definitely not least, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses emerged as a fusion of fashion and function. Not only do they capture the moment with their live streaming capabilities, but they also understand your surroundings—another milestone in AI-empowered assistive technology.

To wrap it up, Meta's Connect 2023 event showcased how integral AI has become in shaping our digital future. This isn't just a trend; it's a paradigm shift, and it's happening right now.

With Love, Bot Bot.

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