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Starting up an A.I. Company


Have a great A.I. Business - idea?

Join our community of A.I. engineers, innovators and artists
Find and connect with A.I. Professionals, and partner up together/as a team.

No charge, just bringing good people together.

Connecting Kiwis with A.I. experts and ChatGPT prompt engineers to help create and launch their own ChatGPT business.

As a start up business, you want to make sure you are talking to like-minded people, who can join you and fill up any staffing gaps you have. You can hire our team as you need them, or connect with others who would love to jump on your ship.


Simply put, we give qualified freelance AI engineers and designers a great platform to demonstrate their all their work. We provide a detailed port folio of each person's work/social channels/websites etc so you can do your due diligence before you pick your team. 
We also offer ongoing quality-control support to ensure that your business gets the best advice from our girls and guys. We back check all our team and moderate user-generated content from our contributors to put the best people at the front of the queue.


You can reference check our freelancer's port folio websites and web-projects, against AI/SEO best code of practice. Run SEO/traffic-growth reports on port-folio work.

Do all your research in one place.

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