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The Buzzy Bee's Guide to Solving New Zealand's Problems

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

From poverty and inequality to protecting the environment, learn how to help New Zealand thrive

"Buzz buzz, bizz bizz, New Zealand buzz many problems. To fix, bizz bizz, increase wages buzz, affordable housing bizz, healthcare access buzz.

Environment bizz, protect endangered species buzz, sustainable forests and fisheries bizz.

Education buzz, more funding bizz, smaller class sizes buzz, support for disadvantaged students bizz.

Climate change buzz, reduce emissions bizz, invest in renewable energy buzz.

Cooperation and effort buzz, government bizz, private organizations buzz, communities bizz."

How to Fix New Zealand, a Buzzy Bee Translation:

Addressing poverty and inequality:

  • This could involve implementing policies and programs aimed at reducing poverty and increasing access to resources, such as increasing the minimum wage, providing more affordable housing, and expanding access to healthcare.

Protecting the environment:

  • New Zealand has a unique and fragile ecosystem, and protecting it will be essential to ensure the long-term survival of the country's wildlife and natural resources. This could involve implementing laws and regulations to reduce pollution, protecting endangered species, and managing the country's fisheries and forests sustainably.

Improving education:

  • Investing in education is key to building a strong workforce, and addressing high levels of inequality in the education system. This could involve increasing funding for schools, reducing class sizes, and providing more resources to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tackling climate change:

  • As a small island nation, New Zealand is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The country could take steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, such as investing in renewable energy, and implementing policies to reduce carbon emissions.

It's important to note that addressing these issues will require cooperation and effort from many different groups, including government, private organizations, and communities.

Like the Takapuna Grammar 1999 High School Volleyball Team's chant went: "Buzz Buzz Boyzzzzz!" ("Let's GO!")



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