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Kiwi AI Professionals Prioritise Job Flexibility & Stability Over Flashy Perks

A Quick Look at What Kiwi AI Engineers Value in a Job

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New Zealand's AI Talent Values Work-Life Balance and Job Security

In the competitive race to attract top AI talent, professionals in the AI, machine learning, and data sectors are prioritising job flexibility and stability over extravagant perks. With ongoing economic challenges and a persistent talent shortage, understanding these priorities is crucial for organisations seeking to recruit the best candidates. A study conducted by BenchSci sheds light on the top priorities for AI professionals when choosing their next career opportunity.

So, what do AI experts value most in a job and what can Kiwi companies learn?

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What is The BenchSci Study?

The BenchSci study aimed to uncover the top priorities of AI professionals when choosing their next career opportunity. By surveying individuals in the AI, machine learning, and data sectors, the study sought to identify the most significant factors influencing their job choices.

The research revealed that flexibility, stability, and growth opportunities were the primary concerns for these professionals, as opposed to more extravagant perks that employers often emphasize.

The study's findings are crucial for organisations looking to recruit and retain top AI talent, as they provide insights into what these professionals truly value in a job and how companies can adapt to meet their needs.

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Top Priorities for Kiwi AI Professionals

BenchSci's research reveals the following top five priorities for AI professionals in New Zealand when choosing an employer:

  1. Flexibility (e.g., flexible hours, unlimited annual leave): AI professionals are increasingly focused on work-life balance, seeking employers that offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate their personal lives.

  2. Opportunity for progression: AI talent wants to grow and develop within an organisation, so employers that demonstrate a commitment to career advancement are particularly attractive.

  3. Remuneration: Competitive salaries and financial incentives remain important to professionals in the field.

  4. Stability: In uncertain times, job stability is a key concern. Organisations with a strong track record and promising future prospects appeal to AI professionals.

  5. Challenge: AI experts are motivated by challenging work environments that push their skills and knowledge to new heights.

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AI Job Market in New Zealand – Assessing Stability and Growth Opportunities

AI professionals prioritise long-term growth plans (46%) and strong profit margins (43%) when assessing an employer's stability. Elizabeth Hanson, Director of Engineering, Data Delivery at BenchSci, observes that despite concerns about employees being flighty, the data demonstrates that AI professionals are still focusing on long-term prospects.

Engineers, in particular, are seeking companies where they can invest their time, energy, and expertise in exchange for growth opportunities—both financially and developmentally. Workplaces that meet these needs will not only attract top talent but also retain them.

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Adapting to Kiwi AI Professionals' New Priorities

The landscape of job priorities for AI professionals in New Zealand has shifted. Flexibility, stability, and growth opportunities are now at the forefront of their minds when selecting an employer. Organisations seeking to attract and retain the brightest AI talent must adapt to these new priorities.

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Man working from dream office in Otago

If Kiwi companies can focus on long-term growth, offering flexible work options, and ensuring ample opportunities for career progression, organisations can attract the best AI professionals and keep them happily employed for the long haul.

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