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Introducing AWS A.I. Bedrock and Titan

AWS joins the AI solution party - see why OpenAI and Google should be worried.

Jeff Besos as a futuristic Superhero MidJourney Art
AI Generated Fan Art: Jeff Besos as a futuristic Superhero

Amazon has recently announced the release of two groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence (AI) services, Amazon Bedrock and Titan. These powerful tools offer New Zealand businesses the opportunity to access and utilise advanced large language models hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Generative AI technology enables the creation of text or images, similar to the popular ChatGPT.

Amazon Bedrock – AI Services Made Simple

Amazon Bedrock, currently available in limited preview, is a cloud-based service that grants access to generative AI through an easy-to-use API. It functions as a library of foundation models, each possessing content-generating capabilities, which empowers businesses to develop and scale AI-driven applications with ease.

Hosting Amazon Bedrock's models on AWS means existing clients can access them without having to handle vast amounts of data on their own infrastructure. Additionally, enterprise clients can supply custom datasets to train the models according to their specific requirements.

Amazon acknowledges the importance of privacy and assures that data fed into a training model will not be utilised to train future iterations of the models at Amazon HQ. This commitment to data security allows businesses to trust that their information remains confidential and protected.

Seamless Integration with AWS Services

Amazon Bedrock integrates seamlessly with SageMaker ML, a cloud-based machine learning platform that provides a testing environment for different models and a feature for managing foundation models at scale. By connecting with familiar AWS services, users can efficiently control and fine-tune their AI applications, resulting in a more cohesive and streamlined workflow.

Amazon Titan FMs – Two Innovative AI Models at Your busy Fingertips

While Amazon Bedrock is the platform, Amazon Titan brings the content. It comprises two AI models: one that generates text and another that refines searches and personalisations. These models offer a variety of capabilities, such as crafting new text for blog posts or emails, categorising items, conducting open-ended conversations, and extracting specific information from large volumes of text.

The search-enhancing model adapts search results to deliver more relevant and contextually fitting responses. Amazon already uses a similar model in its product search, demonstrating its efficacy and value.

Futuristic Auckland City
Auckland City in the Future AI Rendered Art

The Potential of Amazon Bedrock for Kiwi Enterprises

New Zealand businesses stand to gain significantly from the AI services offered by Amazon Bedrock. By connecting the AI to their existing AWS setup, organisations can customise the AI models by providing just 20 examples of tasks they want the AI to perform. This level of tailoring ensures a bespoke solution that caters to each business's unique needs.

Prominent early integration partners for Amazon Bedrock include Accenture, Deloitte, Infosys, and Slalom. Coda, one of the organisations utilising Amazon Bedrock in preview, has commended the service for its smooth integration, security, and privacy features.

CodeWhisperer – A Handy Helper for Developers

CodeWhisperer, an AI-driven coding assistant, presents another potential use case for developers. Amazon recently introduced a free tier for CodeWhisperer, granting access to automated code-writing that seamlessly integrates into a developer's existing work environment. This innovative tool is ideal for generating code for routine or time-consuming tasks, working with unfamiliar APIs or SDKs, using AWS APIs effectively, and tackling other common coding scenarios such as reading and writing files, image processing, and writing unit tests.

The professional tier of CodeWhisperer offers additional features like Single Sign-On (SSO) and IAM Identity Center integration, as well as higher limits on security scanning, providing an even more comprehensive coding assistant experience for developers.

Andy Jassy AI Generated Fan Art: as a Futuristic Superhero AI Generated Fan Art
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy as a Futuristic Superhero AI Generated Fan Art

Protecting Māori and Indigenous Intellectual Property with AWS A.I.

Whakangungu i te Hanga Ngākau Māori me te Mātauranga Taketake mā te AWS A.I.

The innovative capabilities of Amazon Bedrock and Titan present unique opportunities for preserving and protecting Māori and Indigenous Intellectual Property. By utilising customisable AI models, these services can be trained to recognise culturally significant text, images, and patterns, enabling the identification and protection of indigenous knowledge and creative works.

For example, AI models can be trained to flag and filter out content that may infringe upon Māori and Indigenous Intellectual Property rights. Additionally, these AI services could be utilised to generate culturally sensitive and relevant content, helping businesses connect with Māori and Indigenous communities in a more meaningful and respectful manner.

By incorporating AWS AI services into the cultural preservation process, New Zealand businesses can contribute to the ongoing protection and celebration of Māori and Indigenous heritage.

AI generated concept art: Futuristic Spaceship flies into Auckland City
Futuristic Spaceship dawns on Auckland City AI Art

Why AWS' new AI offering is important for Aotearoa companies.

Amazon Bedrock and Titan offer a range of unique and practical benefits for New Zealand businesses, empowering them to harness the full potential of AI services. Some of these benefits include:

Scalability: With AWS-hosted models, businesses can easily scale their AI applications without worrying about the infrastructure or data storage requirements.

Customisation: Amazon Bedrock enables businesses to train AI models using custom datasets, allowing for tailored solutions that cater to specific needs and industries.

Efficiency: The integration of Amazon Bedrock with SageMaker ML and other familiar AWS services streamlines workflows and improves overall efficiency for businesses leveraging AI technology.

Innovation: By employing AI services like CodeWhisperer, developers can automate routine tasks, freeing up more time for creativity and innovation.

Cultural Sensitivity: The customisability of AI models can help businesses generate content that is both culturally sensitive and relevant to Māori and Indigenous communities, fostering stronger connections and respect for cultural heritage.

Jeff Besos as future tech hero Midjourney AI Art
AI Fan Art: Jeff Besos as technology hero

When Can New Zealand Businesses Access Amazon Bedrock?

Amazon Bedrock is currently not available for new customers, but businesses can register their interest by visiting Amazon's Generative AI information page with their AWS account ID. Amazon has yet to announce the pricing for the service, but interested parties can sign up to receive updates about its wider availability.

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