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Gen Z: The Laziest Generation or Just Misunderstood?

Employers Share Their Experiences with the New-Age Workforce.

AI Art: Woman bored at work
AI Art: Woman bored during first day at work

The Great Gen Z Debate

Employers are opening up about their experiences with hiring Gen Z employees - and it’s not a pretty picture. A study conducted by recruitment company ResumeBuilder sheds light on the challenges faced by employers when it comes to managing the youngest generation in the workforce.

The ResumeBuilder Survey: A Shocking Reality?

ResumeBuilder began a study where they asked team leaders about their experiences in the workforce - and the results were shocking. Out of the 1300 respondents, 74% feel Gen Z is the hardest to work with compared to any of the other generations. Fifty percent of general managers have been forced to lay off Gen Z workers due to claims that they “lack motivation” and are “easily offended.”

Woman doing yoga on desk
Yoga office is an actual thing that is being asked for

Employers Share Their Frustrations

Various employers called in to Avneesha CADA radio complaining about their Gen Z workers. Some of the grievances included young workers not being able to say "good morning" or not wanting to show up. One employer, Alana, recounted a recent interview where a young person arrived for an online interview wearing a hood and a tracksuit, and showed little enthusiasm during the conversation.

Man tired at work
I don't like morning emails either

The Challenges of Employing Gen Z Receptionists

Omar, a GP, revealed that he struggled with employing Gen Z receptionists. He shared that they tend to be on their phones 24/7 but lack the necessary vocal skills for the job. According to him, the best receptionists are the older, more experienced employees.

Office argument
No you don't get a pay rise in your first week

A Different Perspective - Gen Z Workers Share Their Side

However, not all perspectives were negative. Nadia, a Gen Z worker, revealed that she had held eight jobs in 12 months while balancing her work with her studies. Another woman working in rapid technology praised Gen Zs in the workplace, stating that they understand the changing industry and can be a great asset.

Girl working at office
Just missing the pajamas and you have my work uniform

The Main Complaints Against Gen Z

The reasons for managers' dislike of Gen Z workers include their lack of technological skills (39%), effort (37%), and motivation (37%). Additionally, Gen Z workers are viewed by employers as too "easily distracted" (36%) and "easily offended" (35%). Akpan Ukeme, head of HR at SGK Global Shipping Services, spoke about his challenges with the Gen Z workforce, stating that they can be exhausting due to their lack of discipline and tendency to challenge authority.

Man sleeping at desk
3pm nap time never really took off at my office

Finding Common Ground and Understanding Gen Z

While employers have expressed their concerns and frustrations with the Gen Z workforce, it is crucial to acknowledge the unique experiences and perspectives of this generation. By understanding their needs and values, employers can create a more inclusive and supportive work environment for everyone.

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