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Fostering AI Innovation from Our Communities in NZ

How to Set Up Your Own AI Support Community in Aotearoa

The narrative around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing. Instead of a threat, it's an opportunity – a tool for creating new jobs, for solving complex problems, and for levelling the playing field for regional communities in New Zealand.

AI Local Training NZ
AI Training will be best implemented by locals.

So.... Here's Your Quick-Guide to get started - Please add your own Ideas and Localised Innovations:

Step 1: Gather Your Team

Assemble a group interested in AI. Reach out to neighbours, friends, local schools, and community centres.

  • Use local community boards, social media, or word-of-mouth to spread the word.

  • Arrange a meeting. This could be at a local marae, park, or online.

Local AI Innovation Show
Promote Local AI Innovators

Step 2: Define Your Focus

AI is a broad field. Start by exploring together the different areas of AI. Then, choose your focus.

  • Encourage your group members to research and share about different aspects of AI.

  • Choose a focus area that resonates with everyone in your group.

AI Council Meeting
Get the Council, Local Funding and Iwi all in the conversation

Step 3: Line Up Your Resources

Look into community grants, sponsorships, or even local business partnerships. Reach out to local universities, tech companies, or online AI communities for potential mentors.

  • Look for local funding opportunities.

  • Reach out for potential mentors.

AI Local Company
Local Innovators will use AI to eat away at Large Corporates

Step 4: Foster Learning and Creativity

Dive deep into learning and unleash your group's creative potential.

  • Use resources like Coursera, Teachable, Khan Academy, and Codecademy for learning.

  • Encourage your group to apply what they're learning in small projects.

  • Also, use tools like Teachable to create your own local resources - and use AI!

The Principles of Te Ao Māori when working with AI

Step 1: Embrace Kaitiakitanga

Kaitiakitanga is the sense of guardianship or stewardship. We must view ourselves as kaitiaki (guardians) of AI technology. Please always consult with local authority to make sure you are connecting your goals with those of the community and establish appropriate consultation.

  • Ensure ethical and responsible practices in your AI projects.

  • Make sure your projects reflect the values of your community.

  • Consult with local Iwi, local leaders and good people in the community.

AI Virtual Company Aotearoa
This is literally the future if AI in NZ if we do it right!

In Aotearoa, we're fortunate to have a community-oriented culture and a robust set of Māori principles that can guide us. By gathering like-minded individuals, defining our focus, lining up our resources, and fostering a learning and creative environment, we can demystify AI and leverage its transformative potential right from our backyards. It's also just the right thing to do. This is a great opportunity to develop our own, so it is right that we try to do this in the right way.

Our voyage into AI innovation doesn't have to be a solitary quest. As a community, we can embark on this journey together, learning, growing, and innovating from within our own backyard. While AI may seem daunting, it's an exciting field bursting with potential. And that potential isn't just for the tech wizards or city dwellers—it's for all of us.

AI Local Showcase NZ
AI Showcase Shows will bring innovators together

When we combine the principles of Te Ao Māori with the spirit of community learning, we create an environment where innovation can thrive. As we steward this new technology, guided by our shared values and unity, we ensure that it benefits our people, our communities, and our beautiful Aotearoa.

We have the power to shape this technology, to use it to solve our challenges, to create jobs and opportunities, and to ensure that Aotearoa continues to thrive in this exciting new era. So let's embrace AI, let's innovate, and let's do it together. He waka eke noa.

With Love, Bot Bot.


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