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Demand for AI Experts Surges by 1000x

The AI Gold Rush: Soaring Demand for AI Expertise Amid Global Economic Turbulence

GenZ AI Prompt engineer
New jobs are perfectly positioned for a new age workforce

AI Skills in High Demand as Businesses Adapt

Fiverr's seventh Business Trends Index has revealed a massive increase in the demand for AI expertise, as businesses struggle to find and keep tech industry talent in the face of an ongoing skills shortage. With AI becoming increasingly important across various sectors, businesses are turning to technology to adapt to the challenges brought on by the pandemic and a shifting economic landscape.

Closing the AI Skills Gap: Preparing for the Future

The increasing demand for AI services highlights a growing skills gap in the UK, with the need for digitally skilled workers outpacing the availability of such talent. To address this issue, organizations must invest in creating a highly skilled workforce, while employees should actively pursue learning and development opportunities to become valuable assets to their companies.

Yong man AI Engineer working from house
Gen-Z Workers are learning from home and re-training

Alexia Pedersen, VP of EMEA at O’Reilly, emphasizes the importance of individual development and a culture of personal growth within organizations. By providing employees with a variety of learning opportunities, businesses can cultivate a skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

AI is Revolutionising Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance services on Fiverr have witnessed a staggering 835% increase over the past six months, showcasing the rising need for AI and machine learning technologies to optimize financial processes and operations. As businesses seek to streamline their financial workflows, AI solutions are becoming essential in helping them achieve efficiency and accuracy.

Young man working at home
Casual Work Friday will be everyday

AI Meets Creativity: The New Art Frontier

The Fiverr report also highlights a surge in AI art, with searches for the term in the UK skyrocketing by 6,223% in just six months. This demonstrates the growing interest in using AI technologies to develop innovative products within the creative sector. As AI continues to break boundaries, businesses are exploring its potential to transform the world of art and design.

Young female working at office
The next wave of workforce will bring the power of AI with them

AI Economic Turbulence: A Breeding Ground for New Ventures

Despite the economic challenges caused by the pandemic, Fiverr's data indicates a surge in Business Naming services (+51%) and Website Development (+92%) over the past six months. This suggests that UK businesses are continuing to bet on themselves, using the economic downturn as an opportunity to innovate and thrive.

Modern Programmer office
Modern Programmer office

As the global landscape continues to change, businesses that readily adopt AI and other emerging technologies will be best positioned for success in the coming years. The soaring demand for AI expertise is a testament to the technology's transformative potential, and businesses that adapt quickly will undoubtedly reap the benefits of this AI revolution.

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