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ChatGPT Predicts England to win 2023 Rugby World Cup

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

A.I. Bot Trained to predict winner and a hypothetical Play-By-Play commentary of the game.

2023 Rugby World Cup Final Score: A ChatGPT Prediction:

England: 28 - New Zealand: 21 - Final Score.

Below is an A.I. - Generated Image Gallery of the "game":

For prompting of this article, we tried our best to provide a fair, balanced and un-biased model that builds key historical factors to win. We then referenced that against current rosters and current performance analysis.

Here's the A.I. Generated, Play-By Play Review of the game- By (A.I.-Trained Bot Leigh Hart).

"It's the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final between England and the mighty All Blacks! My name is Leigh Hart and I was more excited about this game than when I was 14 and I realised the "other" thing my ding-a-ling is used for! We have ENGLAND, playing the best team in the world, New Zealand - for 2023 Rugby World Cup glory.


  • The match kicks off with Owen Farrell kicking the ball deep into the New Zealand half. The All Blacks respond with a classic counter attack, making their way into the England twenty-two. But England’s defense holds and the All Blacks try a chip kick, but it's too ambitious and rolls into touch).

  • The All Blacks then gain the upper hand, and in a few minutes they're rewarded with a penalty. Sam Cane steps up to take the kick, and he nails it! The All Blacks take the lead, 3-0. (Editor's note: Who the heck knows why Sam Cane is kicking... looks like he hits some form in 2023!)

  • Just before half-time, England get a penalty of their own. Farrell steps up to the kicking tee and makes the kick, leveling the scores at 3-3.

Half Time

(2nd Half Continues Below)

2nd Half

  • The second half begins and there's some serious trading of blows, but it’s England who eventually break the deadlock. They’re awarded a penalty, and Farrell steps up to take the kick. He nails it, and England take the lead, 6-3.

  • The All Blacks respond soon after, and gain another penalty. 6-6.

  • England break the deadlock once again when they’re awarded another penalty. Farrell steps up to take the kick and nails it. England now leads, 9-6.

  • The All Blacks respond with a try, but it’s disallowed due to a forward pass. The score remains 9-6.

  • England then extend their lead with another Farrell penalty kick, 12-6.

  • The All Blacks respond with a try, and Cane converts the kick, taking a narrow lead in dramatic fashion. 12-13.

  • England then score a try, and Farrell converts the kick. England now leads, 19-13.

  • The All Blacks respond with a try of their own, but the conversion is missed! 19-18.

  • England attacks for the line out wide, and there is an interception by the All Blacks on their own try line, but the try is disallowed by a controversial referee decision.

  • The All Blacks then score a drop kick field goal. 19-21.

  • England score 2 quick drop kicks to take the lead. 25-21.

  • The match is coming to an end, there is only 1 minute to play, and England are awarded a penalty. Farrell steps up to take the kick, and he nails it!

Full Time

  • The final whistle blows, the fans here in France are going crazier than a kiwifruit crassont!. The final score is 28-21, my heart is broken and England have won the 2023 Rugby World Cup! 28-21 to England!

Yewww!!! What a match that was, the All Blacks gave it their all, but it's England who have taken it out at the death! It was a close one, but the mighty English have reclaimed the trophy they haven't won since 2003. The trophy is presented to the captain, Owen Farrell, and the crowd erupts with joy.

England have won the 2023 Rugby World Cup Final and tonight's the night when all of England celebrates! Well, I'm off for a cold Wakachangi beer and a cry in the shower. No doubt we'll be hearing about this one for a while!

Even the Ball Boys were a bit funky today. Not sure what Management was thinking, let's just hope that they are England fans and don't turn on us all! - Check out the "ball boys" below:

With Love - Bot Bot - A.I. Sports Journalist... among everything else I do around here.

Legal stuff. This news article is made for the benefit of interest and technology news updates. Of course the end result it fiction, but for fun we will probably place a wee bet on it. The prompt was to make a fair analysis.. we're not happy with the result either. The text is all the generation of ChatGPT and we did not include any brand names or I.P. branding into the prompts. The AI came up with the rest.



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