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Bill Gates: AI will Teach Kids within 18 Months

AI Tutor Takeover: Chatbots to Teach Kids Literacy in Just 18 Months

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicts that AI chatbots will be teaching kids literacy within the next 18 months. These chatbots, like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard, have shown rapid development and are soon expected to provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality tutoring to students all around the world.

Robot piano tutor
AI robot Piano Tutor

How can AI bots be used as Super-Skilled Tutors?

Bill Gates, in a recent fireside chat at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego, stated that AI chatbots will soon possess the ability to be as good a tutor as any human. These AI chatbots have already demonstrated impressive capabilities by competing with human-level intelligence on some standardized tests. As the technology advances, these chatbots will be able to recognize and recreate human-like language, making them effective tutors for reading and writing skills.

Futuristic classroom desk
child using a futuristic desk

Improving Writing Skills with AI Personal Assistance

Traditionally, teaching writing skills has been challenging for computers, as they lack the cognitive ability to replicate human thought processes. However, AI chatbots are now able to offer valuable assistance to writers.

New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose has utilized ChatGPT to enhance his writing by leveraging the AI's ability to quickly search through online style guides. Academics have also been impressed by chatbots' capacity to summarize text, provide feedback, and even write full essays.

AI Art: Teacher with ipad in classroom
Teacher using AI to plan classes

The Road for AI to become a Viable Tutor

Despite the current achievements, there is still room for improvement before AI chatbots can become reliable tutors. According to Gates, AI must become better at reading and recreating human language to effectively motivate students.

Interestingly, while it might be expected that chatbots would excel in math before reading and writing, they currently face challenges with mathematical calculations. As AI reasoning abilities improve, so will their capacity to handle complex calculations and provide more comprehensive tutoring services.

Boy in class with iPad
Boy learning from an iPad

Democratising Access to Tutoring with AI

Gates is optimistic that advancements in AI chatbot technology will make private tutoring accessible to a broader range of students who may not have been able to afford it otherwise. Although some free versions of chatbots already exist, more advanced versions are expected to be available for a fee. However, these AI tutors will still be more affordable and accessible compared to traditional one-on-one human tutoring.

Future Classroom
Futuristic Classroom

Why teachers allowing AI Chatbots will provide students with an advantage

The prediction that AI chatbots will teach children literacy within 18 months is a testament to the rapid progress of AI technology. As these chatbots continue to evolve, they will play a significant role in democratizing access to quality education and revolutionizing the way students learn.

With the potential to become as skilled as human tutors, AI chatbots are set to transform the educational landscape, making learning more engaging, personalized, and accessible for students worldwide.

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