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Skullcandy Headphones Overhauls their CX with AI

Skullcandy, a leading headphones manufacturer, deployed an AI model to enhance their customer service efficiency.

The impact was clear: 48% of tickets were automated, 80% of 'Where Is My Order' (WISMO) queries were handled, and 57% of all cases were resolved without any agent involvement.

AI Revolution in Customer Service: A Skullcandy Success Story"

Skullcandy headphones dramatically improved their customer service efficiency by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), achieving a full resolution of 60% of customer tickets.

Top 5 Key Achievements:

  • 48% of customer service tickets automated.

  • 80% of 'Where Is My Order' (WISMO) queries handled by AI.

  • 57% of all cases resolved without any agent involvement.

  • AI model capable of addressing a wide range of product-specific issues.

  • Successful integration of the AI model with Skullcandy's Zendesk, ensuring seamless service.

The Challenge: Rising Customer Service Demands

In 2020, as COVID hit and the global population turned to individualised activities like home workouts, entertainment and remote work, Skullcandy experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for high-quality headphones.

This surge brought with it a flood of customer service tickets, with many customers needing quick troubleshooting for their issues and a significant spike in ticket volume due to an April promotion. Skullcandy's goal was clear – deliver top-notch customer service promptly and efficiently amidst the ticket surge.

The AI Solution: Swift, Accurate, and Scalable

To combat these challenges, Skullcandy deployed an AI model capable of identifying and addressing technical and general e-commerce enquiries.

The AI could handle a broad range of Skullcandy product-specific issues, including charging problems, troubleshooting, warranty requests, order status, and refund status. The AI model was seamlessly integrated with Skullcandy's Zendesk, demonstrating its flexibility when the project team created a workflow in just one day to manage the influx of tickets from the promotional event.

The Impact: A Massive Leap in Customer Service Efficiency

The results were nothing short of impressive. With 48% of tickets automated, 80% of WISMO queries handled, and a staggering 57% of all cases resolved without agent involvement, the customer service team could focus on more complex cases. This dramatic reduction in agent workload led to enhanced overall service quality and customer satisfaction.

Skullcandy has successfully revolutionised their customer service, ensuring quick, efficient responses to customer enquiries. Their success story serves as an inspiring example of harnessing technology to overcome business challenges and improve the customer experience.

Skullcandy: AI Generated Concept Headphones

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