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AI Avatars are Now Training Your Sales Reps: Welcome to the Future of Sales Coaching

Is there anything AI can't do? Now, AI is taking over a major part of the sales process, and it's happening now.

AI Salesman in a retail store with AR goggles on
AI Sales Support is already in all market sectors

An intro to AI Sales Assistance and coaching

Hey, you know how sales reps often sound like they're all reading from the same dull, corporate script? Well, we might finally be on the brink of a revolution. Picture this: sales representatives trained not by stressed-out, time-starved humans, but by artificial intelligence. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, right? But this isn't a script from the next 'Black Mirror' season. It's real, and it's happening right now.

Retro Salesman using old computer
AI Generated art of a retro sales computer

AI Training for Sales Teams

The latest AI-powered game-changer to hit the market is Quantified. This innovative platform uses AI avatars for role-playing and coaching sales reps on a large scale. So, what exactly does it do? The co-founder and CEO of Quantified, Noah Zandan, breaks it down for us.

Zandan describes’s Sales Simulator as "the avatar-based role-play, coaching, and analytics platform that increases the consistency, performance, and win rates of your sales team." In other words, your sales team could level up their game by practicing with AI, which, let's be honest, probably has more patience than most human trainers.

AI Work from home screen
AI will aid in remote work from home lifestyles

How Quantified AI is Changing the Sales Training Game is making waves by applying artificial intelligence in seven key areas: generative video, speech-to-text, synthetic voice, a chat engine, language model analysis, language model script, and trained machine learning to analyze audience perception.

The platform's primary use cases? Scaling role-play and coaching across growing sales teams, reducing sales rep training time, improving adherence to company and product messaging, increasing objection-handling ability, improving win rates, and growing revenue by acquiring new customers with more effective messaging content. Phew, that's a lot.

AI Salesman using AI Sales Tools
Modern Day Sales Office with AI interface

Rethinking the Traditional Sales Training Approach with AI

Every sales conversation matters. Every sales leader knows that practice makes perfect. Yet, the reality is that in-depth role-play and personalised coaching across a large team is a challenge. There's only so much a sales leader can do, and the current solutions aren't cutting it.

Traditional interactive training platforms might have a wealth of content, but they lack the feel of real sales conversation. They also don't provide sales leaders with any meaningful insight, beyond who completed which training courses and which questions they got right, or wrong. Enter Quantified, offering an experience as real as your last Zoom call.

AI Robot Art Sales Old School Computers
Sales Robot discovering his purpose

Who Stands to Benefit the Most from AI Sales Training?

Any sales team can use’s Sales Simulator, but it's teams of 50 sales reps or more where the biggest benefit is realised. Quantified integrates with Gsuite, Microsoft Office, Conversation Intelligence platforms like Gong or Chorus, Sales Enablement Platforms, and HCM and LMS platforms. Ideal customers? Revenue-focused executives in healthcare, financial services, retail, insurance, telecom, travel, and more. Companies with 50 or more sales reps stand to gain the most, as traditional coaching and training methods tend to fall short at this scale.

Salesman using AI
AI tools will allows salespeople to make faster decisions and actions

AI: Limitations and Future Potential

AI is infiltrating various areas rapidly, but it's still early days. The current limitations? AI is still underutilised in the sales tech stack, and few AI products are designed to improve human abilities in creating relationships and conversations with other humans.

However, the potential for AI in marketing is nearly limitless. AI is already carving out a competitive edge for many marketing teams. There's a lot more to do, but it's time to deploy AI across the entire revenue and GTM team, so thatsales, marketing, sales development, and call center teams can all benefit from tools that have the potential to transform their industries.

A word of caution from Zandan: Don't play the "wait and see" game while the market matures. That might just put you behind your competitors. AI-powered coaching and other AI products are developing quickly, and testing for ROI is surprisingly straightforward.

Steampunk Art Salesperson
Steampunk Sales Computer

Final Thoughts: Are we walking into the Age of AI in Sales Coaching?

To sum it all up, AI is rapidly transforming the landscape of sales coaching. It's offering innovative solutions that can help sales reps become more effective, efficient, and adaptable. So, are we ready for the AI revolution in sales training? We better be, because it's already here.

If you're a sales leader, it might be time to consider how AI can be integrated into your team's coaching and training regime. It might just be the competitive edge your team needs. It's time to embrace the future of sales coaching. After all, who wouldn't want a personal AI avatar for a coach?

With love (and a comprehensive retargeting call plan)... Bot Bot


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